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Autor Subiect: When you feel unhappy with your work How to solve the problem?  (Citit de 120 ori)


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Before looking for answers on what to do when you start to feel unhappy at work. I want you to check that first. In fact, what are the reasons why we do not want to come to work? To find the right solution to cope

1. Don't like boss / boss
Everyone hopes to meet a good boss or a good boss, but reality may be different from what we dreamed of. Because no one is all perfect Many people have to endure their work even though they do not appreciate their boss.

How to cope

- Discuss the problems that arise with the boss directly and try to find a solution together.
- Improve your communication skills with your boss Find a way for them to listen and understand.

2. I don't like my colleagues
The happiness in work depends on the environment in which we live. If you have to meet a colleague who doesn't like your face every day These things can subconsciously damage our working energy as well.

How to cope

- Adjust the attitude towards those people. Because perhaps it is due to our own personal prejudice.
- If you know how to do it, you cannot change their habits. Try to find a way to stay as far away from them as possible.

3. I don't enjoy work anymore.
Many people are tired of their work. Because he felt that he was no longer enjoying these work The more you do, the more you get bored. The more the lack of motivation to work The bully wants to write a letter of resignation. Or constantly looking for new jobs

How to cope

- Create conditions for rewarding yourself small amounts each day for motivation in the workplace.
- Set realistic goals for the day In order to have the courage to achieve the goals set

4. Low salary
Whenever you start to feel that your work is paid is not worth it. Will result in us being unhappy with the work implicitly But you have to sort out whether you are actually receiving a low salary or you just feel like it.

How to cope

- Notify the supervisor to request a salary increase. If you are confident that you can do that job well
- If the chance of raising the salary is zero In addition to accepting the truth Find ways to reduce your stress levels by meditating or exercising.

5. Work hard until the fire is exhausted.
Power outages can happen to anyone. Especially with people who feel they are overworked Until both stress and pressure Plus sometimes it's not my own job as well

How to cope

- Learn to reject unnecessary tasks. Or beyond their own responsibility
- Set the scope of work And reorganize the working system to fit into the way
- Work is not everything in life So you should give yourself some time to relax or take a break.

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