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Autor Subiect: How to write an email to apply for a job like a pro for HR  (Citit de 346 ori)


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How to write an email to apply for a job like a pro for HR
« : 12 Ianuarie 2021, 10:13:08 am »
Sending job application emails It is a method that many people choose to use. Because there is an area where you can briefly introduce yourself apart from the address in your resume. But if you feel like How do I send an email to apply for a job? Nobody has responded to it once. This article from  joker will give you some tips. “Writing an email for a job” that you can easily follow along with, but more into the eyes of HR.

Checklist prerequisites for emailing a job application
A good, formal "email name" Account that does not have any slang or any suffixes.

Complete information of yourself, such as Resume or CV.

Job description And the company to apply for

Reason for applying for this position, this company
In addition, good files are important, don't name files like 555.PDF or name Untitled.PDF files should be clearly classified, such as _Resume.PDF, real name _Portfolio.PDF. Because in addition to making HR easier to read files, it will also make you look more professional.

* If you don't have or are not sure whether your resume will be detailed enough or not But there is a history that has been deposited with JobThai, you can save the history that has been deposited with us as a "PDF file" to replace your own resume.

3 STEPS Writing the right job email

STEP 1 Complete recipient and subject.
Recipient: Who will send it to? Don't forget to check carefully first to see if it's right. Because if the e-mail responsible person The chances of being called for a job interview will disappear immediately.
Title: Identify what position you are applying for so that HR can be clearly seen. And easy to find
* One company email should be sent at a time, because HR can see where you sent emails in "To: ..." field.

STEP 2 Make the email content compelling.
Divided into 2 main parts:

1. Greetings and Endings
Greeting: Should begin with the word "Dear" and clearly state the recipient's name. In the event that the name is already listed in the job announcement But if not, enter "Company Name" or specify "Company HR ___" instead.
Ending words: End the email with "Thank you" or "Thank you" and your full name-last name. And don't forget to include a contact channel Maybe give reply to this email Or enter an additional phone number

2. Email details
Start by mentioning the position you want to apply for by stating the "name of the position" of interest, including where you agree to the job posting.
Tell me the reason for applying for this position. With his own short qualities that he thinks are interesting, such as experience or skills that match his needs.
If you have a Resume, Portfolio or other attachments, please mention them in the email.
STEP 3 check
Before sending email Check the correctness of the content, spelling, and the file to be attached. So as not to make a mistake

How to write a small technique to meet the HR specification
In addition to writing a job email, there are a few tricks that will increase your attractiveness.
Choose language that is appropriate, polite and suitable for the corporate culture.
Tell us about your passion for the position you are applying for. And corresponding hobbies
Tell more about what the company will get from you. And the information must be true
Keep it short, concise, and complete without being too stretchy (can be listed as Bullet).

If you follow all these steps You will be a candidate who can write professional email applications and become an interesting candidate.
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